Dixfield’s Haunted Inn

The big brick house has a long standing reputation for being haunted – the little boy playing in the second floor kitchen; a lady walking around outside, mysterious music being played at all hours, the ‘Big Man’ in the hallway, and the unmistakable energy that fills the 137 year old mansion.

While many local residents have reported quiet, friendly spirits there are others that have told stories of hostile, angry ghosts that drove previous owners away. Several neighbors have reported years of strange happenings.  One long time neighbor told us of seeing a woman wandering around outside in the dead of winter with no coat on. When the neighbor went outside to see if the woman needed assistance she vanished, and there were no footprints left behind in the snow. A previous owner reported doors opening and closing, and hearing footsteps and voices coming from empty rooms.  This activity became so troubling that he put the property back on the market after only two years despite having just made extensive renovations to the property.

After contacting two teams of paranormal investigators, and conducting our own ongoing  investigation, the results have undeniably indicated that the inn is haunted by several spirits belonging to previous residents, more specifically, to those of the Marsh-Edwards Family.